Product Description


      Our integrated solar street light which integrates the green-energy parts solar panel, LED lamp and the Li-Fe battery into a single product, is with human intelligence induction system to gain the solution of low-energy, long-time, high-luminance and free maintenance. And the same time, it’s convenient in the shipment and installation.

       To be installed in the garden, residential area, courtyard, road, mine area or parking area or provide the light in roads where it’s necessary, the battery provide the energy for lighting, and the solar panel charge for the battery.

Product parts:
       The product is made up with the integrated parts (solar panel, Li-Fe battery, LED, MPPT controller and human intelligence induction system) and the light pole.

Working characters:
      The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stored in Li-Fe battery via controller, the LED light will work in night automatically by light sensor control, and provide light for the darkness area, the human intelligence induction system can save the energy when the lighting is not necessary







 Led Power  20w  25w  30w  40w  60w
 Solar Panel  40W(MONO)  50W(MONO)  60W(MONO)   60W(MONO)   80W(MONO)
 Human body sensing  YES   YES  YES  YES  YES
 Dimension  920X330X140mm  1170X330X140mm 1170X330X140mm 1170X330X140mm  1200X380X160mm
 Net weight  12.5KG  16KG  16.5KG 17KG 22KG
 Full load working  2200lm 2750lm 3300lm 4400lm 6600lm
 Less load working   660lm    800lm   1000lm   1320lm   1980lm
 CCT  6000K/3000K  6000K/3000K 6000K/3000K 6000K/3000K 6000K/3000K
Work time(Full power)  ≥20Hr ≥15Hr  ≥15Hr ≥15Hr ≥15Hr
 Work time(Saving mode) ≥40Hr  ≥30Hr  ≥30Hr ≥30Hr ≥30Hr
 Install high  5~7m 5~7m 5~7m 5~7m  7~9m
 Light spare   10~20m  10~20m 10~20m 10~20m  25~30m

After service
       the guarantee of this led mining light is five year, if there is any quality problems within this 2 year, we changing accessories for free.

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