LED Neon Flex Set to Provide Blue LED Neon for Display in Kennedy Space Center
Time:2013-7-15 4:34:00 | Posted:Roccoda Technology
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LED Neon Flex, a renowned engineering company that provides LED-based space lighting and signage, is proud to announce a new project that is underway with The Nassal Company for display at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. LED Neon Flex is an engineering company that specializes in LED displays that are energy efficient, friendly to the environment and brilliantly colored.

The company is delighted to announce their latest venture with Nassal for display at the Kennedy Space Center. They have a large portfolio of impressive LED light projects, all of which have produced stellar results. They are eager to create an artistically striking display that will impress visitors of the Kennedy Space Center and put a stamp on their products.

LED Neon Flex fully backs their products and believes several advantages of their LED products will be of great benefit to the Kennedy Space Center. The display promises to not only be energy efficient, but long lasting, safe for the environment and attractive – thus standing up to the reputation and expectations of NASA.

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