Philips launched a new generation of high-end LED office lighting lamps and lanterns
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   Philips lighting in August 22, announced that in the Chinese market to launch a specially designed for high-end office space and build the LED lamps and lanterns (RC320C). The lamps and lanterns with fashionable appearance, comfortable light color and excellent performance to convey the innovative LED lighting technology innovative significance of office space, ideal office environment will bring the user experience new lighting, light up the endless inspiration.
   Philips RC320C suspension mode and adopted by the convenient way of embedded installation, make its can be widely used in the independent office and open office, public Spaces and meeting rooms, and other office range. At the same time, the innovative application of the patented design of lamps and lanterns of frosted white pervious to light cover, through the uniform thin acrylic material reflects the light of the most efficient, comfortable, giving employees healthy and comfortable visual experience.
Green and efficient office space has already become the trend of The Times, and philips RC320C has incomparable high efficiency and energy saving features, fully meet the needs of users to save costs. Cixin adhering to the philips lighting lamps and lanterns of the world's leading LED technology, with 30 w / 40 w two power combination, the overall system efficiency is more than 90 lm/w, energy-saving 50%, compared with the ordinary T5 system can help users save considerable electricity expenses; At the same time, the service life of 50000 hours (initial luminous flux LED light failure to 70%), and ensure that more than 10 years at ease use, effectively reduce the maintenance cost.
Compared with the traditional office lamps and lanterns, high prices become the biggest obstacle of LED lighting in office area popularization. Based on the insight of the LED lighting market, and proliferating breakthroughs in LED technology, philips lighting RC320C office released the lamps and lanterns will completely break the barrier of the LED in the price of office space applications. In addition, compared with the traditional lamps, LED lamps and lanterns, significantly higher return on investment, to 100 sets of lamps and lanterns, philips RC320C investment return period is only 1.7 years, unprecedented original office space of infinite potential.
   Philips RC320C is a efficiency, price and comfort of three levels to achieve perfect balance office lighting lamps and lanterns, balancing the cost, the advantages of energy saving, sustainable and comfortable office environment, not only bring the office space to a healthy and comfortable visual experience, more can realize the user through the efficient lighting management the effective control of operating costs, is the ideal choice of the LED of office space illumination applications
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